Investigation of complaints

WAVE offers external investigation into complaints of bullying or harassment. Investigations need to be procedurally fair and provide show how outcomes have been arrived at.

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Group facilitation

WAVE provides facilitation for teams who want to develop their sense of purpose and group culture. Group facilitation can be a useful way to address bullying, harassment, conflict or stress.

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Coaching for managers

WAVE offers a coaching service for managers who want assistance dealing with difficult situations, or cases of bullying or harassment in their team.

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WAVE offers mediation as an option to deal with cases of harassment, bullying or conflict.

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Consulting and troubleshooting

We know how difficult it can be trying to address a bullying or harassment issue. They are generally complex and highly charged with emotion. People often down-play issues, but sometimes over-play issues as well. Sometimes the target has also engaged in retaliatory bullying. Sometimes it might be the perpetrator who has come to see you. All may not be as it seems. It is important to maintain a focus on safety, fairness and dignity.

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