Group facilitation

WAVE provides facilitation for teams who want to develop their sense of purpose and group culture. Group facilitation can be a useful way to address bullying, harassment, conflict or stress.

Bullying and harassment affect groups and they can develop certain kinds of cultural elements, often referred to as a climate of fear, toxicity, polarisation, the code of silence, blame, “us and them” dynamics.

Group facilitation involves a facilitator who assists people to address issues safely and effectively.

Some examples of this;

  • An accused “bully” asks for a process whereby people in his team can give him direct feedback, rather than have things discussed behind his back.
  • Parties to a conflict wish to clear the air with each other and want a group process involving appropriate others to bring about closure.
  • A fractured team wants to address the underlying causes of their division so they can move forward.
  • A team who have been bullied by a previous manager who has gone, now want to bring about closure and move forward.
  • A team want to work on their values and behavioural agreements, or look at processes they can use to resolve issues amongst themselves.
  • A team have an issue to discuss and want a facilitator to guide the process and ensure a safe and effective process.

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