WAVE offers mediation as an option to deal with cases of harassment, bullying or conflict.

Specifically we offer a variety of mediation processes such as;

  • Direct mediation. Parties come together with a mediator present to guide the process
  • Shuttle mediation. Parties do not come together directly and the mediator “shuttles” between them. This can be a safer way to approach mediation especially in the first instance.
  • Round-table mediation. The parties are together with the mediator and other appropriate people who have a bearing on the outcome. Everyone hears and discusses the issues. The outcome is arrived at through a small group approach.

We also acknowledge that mediation (especially direct mediation or round-table mediation) may not be safe or appropriate in some cases. We do not wish to see people victimised through mediation and will not bring parties together unless it is safe to do so, and people are ready.

A Guide to Investigating Complaints of Workplace Bullying and Harassment PDF Document