Dealing with Bullying and Harassment at Work (1/2 day)

This is a basic awareness workshop for all staff, delivered in a facilitative way to engage people in discussion about an often difficult and emotive subject. The facilitator is experienced at managing people’s emotions, different points of view and defensive behaviour. The workshop is safe (no blaming and shaming) and works toward gaining aligned perceptions and personal commitments to zero tolerance of bullying and harassment.


  • What bullying and harassment is and is not
  • Definition elements
  • Effects on people and organisational culture
  • Types of perpetrators
  • Options for dealing with it - personally, informally, formally


  • Identification of inappropriate behaviours
  • Understanding of dynamics of bullying and harassment
  • Alignment to a zero tolerance culture
  • Advantages and disadvantages of various options
  • Basic skill of challenging inappropriate behaviour
Time: 3 - 4 hrs
Numbers: Up to 16 attendees
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